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Welcome to Richard Mille Timepieces discussion board, a Richard Mille community site and forum.

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With very few exceptions, there is nothing really new in the basic elements used to create new forms of art or music. Most of the necessary building blocks like the notes of the scale, marble and bronze or pigments for paints have been with us for centuries.

The essential ability required for the creation of something innovative seems to lie in a particular sensibility to intuit the existence of new possibilities that only reveal themselves when these basic elements are recombined into a new and conscious order. It goes without saying that the situation is identical in the creation of a new wristwatch, a machine pur-sang with the uncanny potential to make our hearts beat faster and our emotions soar.

Richard Mille is one of those unique people with this ability to uncompromisingly rethink the wristwatch into new directions, and the collection he has created within just a few years time exhibits a verity which makes us view the phenomenon wristwatch in a new light. I hope this forum will be a source of pleasure and information for anyone interested in the ideas and concepts held within these extraordinary timepieces, and your input and questions are always welcome.

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We look forward to your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

Best regards,

Andrew H

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